Apple Airpods pro price and specifications

Apple a well-known company for its premium products, like a laptop, PC, and mobiles. It also provides smartwatches and good quality of buds. Apple Airpods pro an excellent quality of bud that has been launched on October 30, 2019.

Audio Quality

When it comes to sound the first thing that comes in our mind is, does the earbuds that we are gonna buy will give high-quality sound or not. To check that first you should focus on whether the earbuds have any noise cancellation property and second that which codec is being used in it. There is plenty of codecs like SBC, AAC, aptX, LDAC. SBC has the lowest quality of sound AAC is a good option for Apple Iphons and aptX is a good option for android phones. so if you are using iPhone then go for AAC codec and if you are using an android smartphone then you should go for aptX.

Apple AirPods pro support SBC and AAC codec with an active noise cancellation feature that makes your music listening experience a good one.

Transperancy Mode

So you have put up your Apple Airpods pro, and not listening to music, so if you want to listen to your surroundings then simply switch on transparency mode and listen to your surroundings while wearing AirPods.

Does It last long?

Apple AirPods pro can give you total playback time of 24 hours with box and 4.5 hours with single earbud so if you listen to music full day then there is no compromise for it too.

Is it water resistance?

To determine whether a product is water-resistant or not, we look at the IP rating that has been provided by the company. higher IP rating means higher water protection means IP68 will be better than IP 45 or so.

Apple AirPods has an IP rating of IPX4 which implies that it is water resistance. So if you do a lot of exercises or gym Your AirPods will get no effect from sweat. But I feel that It’s IP rating could be more batter than that.

Low latency

So If you are a gamer then you must be finding an earbud that has low latency i.e. The time gap between sound and the screen is very low. for that Apple Airpods pro is one of the best options.

Airpods pro specifications in detail

ImagesApple AirPods pro
Water resistance certificateIPX4
Buds typehalf in ear
Dimensions (mm)30.9 x 21.8 x 24
Colors8 colours, resembles to iPhone 11 series.
Weight(g)Buds 5.4/ bud
With box 45.6
Audio CodecSBC, AAC
Bluetooth version5.0
Wireless Range( m)10 to 30 meters
Charger typeQi based wireless charging
Buds Battery Capacity43.24 mAh
Box Battery Capacity519 mAh
Play back time buds only4.5 Hours
Play back time with box24 Hours
USB Type CYes
Low Latency 144 ms
Price24,900 you may get discount on some website.

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