12 Mobile phone sensors and there uses.

Mobile Phone Sensors: Earlier phone is only for sending and receiving calls but now they more than that you can see videos and play audio and you can use your smartphone as a universal remote for your TV and AC. You also can use your smartphone as a digital Compass and many more. These all functionality is done by adding some additional machines to your smartphone call as sensors. In this Article, you gonna learn about different kinds of sensors and there work.

(I) Proximity Sensor

You must have noticed one thing while you do or pick a call when you place your phone near your ear to hear the call, your smartphone display turned off. This is happening because of the Proximity sensor. It is used to detect how near a phone is to an object

(II) Magneto Meter

mobile phone sensors : magnetometer

So you want to go to someplace near you, you don’t know the exact route to it, you simply put the details on Google map and you are good to go. Does one thing come to your mind how your phone knows in which direction you have to go or simply which is the north direction or which is south? This information is collected from the Magneto Meter present in your mobile device. Simply Magneto Meter is a digital compass present on the phone.

(III) Ambient Light Sensor

This sensor is used to detect light around the phone and auto adjust the screen brightness.

(IV) Accelerometer and Gyroscope.

Accelerometer used to detect axis based motion. It is used to detect the change in orientation of the smartphone in x, y, and z-axis. when you select the auto-rotate option and tilt your phone then your display change orientation from portrait to landscape and vise versa, this is done by Accelerometer.

Gyroscope is an advanced version of the Accelerometer cause it is used to detect axis based motion with 360 degrees of rotation as well. when you watch 360-degree videos through google cardboard glasses or click Panorama image then Gyroscope is used. So basically These mobile phone sensors are used to detect the orientation of the phone along a different axis.

(V) Fingerprint sensor

fingerprint sensor

As its name suggests this sensor is used to lock, unlock your phone through your fingerprints.

(VI) Pedometer

A pedometer is used to detect your footsteps this mobile phone sensors is used for may fitness apps to give you accurate data of how many steps you have taken.

(VII) NFC sensor

nfc sensor

NFC stands for Near Field Communication sensor, it used to send encrypted data from one phone to another. You can do payment with other NFC active devices buy just bringing your phone to 4 cm close and it will send data.

(VIII) IR Blaster

ir blaster

This sensor used to communicate with other electronic devices that can be operated by the remote. With this sensor, your mobile becomes a universal remote for your AC, TV, or other devices.

(IX) Air Humidity sensors

This sensor is used to detect Humidity around the device. This sensor is used for many fitness apps

(X) Barometer

This sensor is used to detect Atmospheric pressure and distance from the sea level. This is used by google maps to accurately detect your location.

(XI) Geiger Counter

This sensor is used to detect radioactive radiation around you. This sensor is used where radioactive elements could be a problem for the people of that place.

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